All your scheme mapping dreams come true

There is a new application in town that is going to make looking for Scheme zonings and densities a lot easier.

It is called PlanWA.

It will mean you will be able to search approved schemes using an address rather than the old fashion ‘where’s wally’ method of yesteryear.   It also means that you will have all the scheme maps in one place and will provide information on structure plans and policies too.

some of the features include

  • Search – find your address, locality, street or place of interest;
  • Planning enquiry – understand important planning information about specific land parcels (including zoning and R-Codes);
  • Link and learn – link to more detailed planning policies and information on our website;
  • Make your own map – measure, draw, annotate and print to portable document format (pdf);
  • Share – locations, information and your mapping view through email and social media; and 
  • Connect – to other map sources (such as aerial imagery and Google Street View).

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