Consistency across Local Governments


The above links talks about more consistency in Local Government by laws and policies. It was an article from 2014 and I don’t think much has been done about it since.

I have spoken to many builders in my time and the one thing that has become a real issue is the inconsistency with the policies and advice given by each of the Local Governments in WA.   But it is all well and good to say to Local Governments be more consistent with each other however it is not going to happen without the effort of State Government to guide them.  I don’t mean about writing another policy to help them I mean holding workshops, offering them in office assistance to ensure they are all working together to make the community a great place to live and a more helpful experience when they are trying to build in WA.

It would do a lot to improve the issues with processing of planning applications if those applying knew what to expect- but don’t get me started on that!

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