Medium Density Single House development Standards

The Western Australian Planning Commission has just released new standards for Medium Density Single House within new Structure Plan areas.

In the past, the Local Development Plans (or previously called Detail Area Plans) had evolved to take on variations to the R-Codes for mainly new greenfield sites (associated with a Structure Plan). However, this was proving a little uncontrolled, inconsistent and overused for State Government and as a result have come up with a new standards or ‘Deemed to Comply’ (or the old acceptable development) for new development areas.

They are mainly replacing the R-Code requirements relating to:

  • building and garage setbacks (Clauses 5.1.2, 5.1.3 and 5.2.1),
  • open space (Clause 5.1.4),
  • parking (Clause 5.3.3),
  • visual privacy (Clause 5.4.1) and
  • solar access (Clause 5.4.2)

These standards are for new structure plan areas (or developments that require structure planning) dated from the date of the bulletin (8 May 2015) but can be incorporated into existing structure plan through an amendment process.  

Remembering that many new greenfields sites are usually subdivided first.  So these standards for medium density development is  to be used by Local Government at assessing  Development applications in new structure plan areas.

A copy of the bulletin can be found here (


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