Scenarios for the Burswood Peninsula redevelopment

The draft framework envisions the creation of two high-density and high-activity transit oriented urban centres constructed around Burswood and Belmont Park railway stations.

Each scenario seeks to enhance the tourism and recreational function of the area, in addition to optimising the State’s existing investment in regional transport infrastructure, including:

  • the Perth to Armadale/Thornlie passenger railway line;
  • the Graham Farmer Freeway; and
  • Great Eastern Highway (which supports high frequency bus routes).

The development of Burswood Peninsula will occur over several decades.

There are two concept scenarios for this future development; the first is a more intensive urban scenario that suggests redevelopment of part of the Burswood Park public golf course and full redevelopment of the Burswood Dome site.

Scenario two is a less intensive option that reinforces the recreation and entertainment focus of Burswood by retaining both the golf course and the State Tennis Centre.

The public comment period for the Burswood Peninsula Draft District Framework closes on Friday 30 July 2010.

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