Town of Port Hedland Amendment 22 – West End Residential

The Town of Port Hedland have recently amended their Town Planning Scheme to rezone the west residential area of the Port Hedland Townsite to “West End Residential” zone (the areas brown with light blue outline).  The scheme states in relation to this:

West End Residential AMD 22 GG 27/04/12

6.3.8  The purpose of the West End Residential Zone is to establish a residential zone in  which dwellings are designed and constructed in such a way as to discourage  occupation by families with children or by elderly persons.

 6.3.9 Residential development within the West End Residential Zone and within the area  bounded by Withnell, McKay and Anderson Streets, and The Esplanade, Port  Hedland shall be in accordance with a local planning policy, development plan or  design guideline adopted by Council that incorporates building design and  performance standards to reduce exposure to dust, and to include but not necessarily  be limited to—

  • filtration of incoming air into the building designed to utilise coarse disposable pre-filtration (i.e. G3 or G4 rated) and then a finer filter (i.e. F4 rated);
  • location of operable windows and doors on the western and southern building facades only;
  • use of deflection screens on the northern and eastern edges of operable windows;
  • use of eaves;
  • orienting buildings to avoid wind tunnelling effects; and
  • protective screens and porticos at building entrances to reduce the direct impact of wind onto the opening.

 6.3.10  Notwithstanding anything contained within the Residential Design Codes, all residential development in the West End Residential Zone shall comply with the following—

(a)  Residential development must be between a minimum yield equivalent to the R30 density and a maximum yield equivalent to the R80 density for all land and/or any individual lot included within an application for planning approval.

(b)  The maximum internal floor area for all dwellings is 110 m2.

(c)  No dwelling shall have greater than two (2) bedrooms or rooms capable of being used as bedrooms.

 6.3.11  When considering an application for planning approval within the West End Residential Zone, Council shall consider the purpose of the zone and recommendations of any formal risk study undertaken by or endorsed by the Department of Health.

 6.3.12  Notwithstanding Clause 6.1.1 of the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia 2008, Council shall not recommend approval for the creation of lots that are less than 600 m2 unless the lots are already developed or it is demonstrated that the lots may be developed for grouped or multiple dwellings.

So as a result any redevelopment of the West End of the Port Hedland Town site needs to comply with the above.  In particularly the filtration system of point 1 in 6.3.9.  There are no information sheets regarding how to tackle this issue.  The Scheme Amendment Report relating to his states:  Mitigating dust impacts through the hermetically sealing of building openings and appropriate air filtering for air conditioners.

There is apparently meant to be a The West End Residential Local Planning Policy that is suppose to have been released to coincide with this amendment and yet is not available.

This document regarding how to resolve the above dust issues will help.

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