Why choose Plan Check?

  • You get the right advice – our qualified consultants have years of experience with State and Local Government agencies. We know how to navigate legislation, policies and paperwork effectively.
  • Your project moves faster – your plan will be checked quickly and thoroughly. In most cases, an approval application can be assessed in just 7 days.
  • A smoother journey – bypass the hassles associated with inaccurate or missing information, by drawing on our extensive network of industry contacts.
  • Government experience – we know exactly what Governments look for, and tailor plans to meet their strict requirements.
  • Easy to read – we focus on readability, to ensure plans get approved as efficiently as possible.
  • You save time and money – the quicker your plan is approved, the more time and money you save, and the faster your project starts.
  • One point of contact – the same consultant handles your project from start to finish, for a completely streamlined process.
  • Expert assistance – from industry leading environmental scientists, engineers, Landcare consultants, surveyors, Government experts, builders, mortgage brokers and lawyers.

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