Today is the day for faster single house approvals or is it?


Today is the day that the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015 comes into operation.  

One particularly interesting change to the regulations involves the exemption of Single Houses from requiring planning approval.  The regulations require that these are included the any review of Local Government Town Planning Schemes.  It should be noted that there are conditions attached to this exemption.

Any proposed application for a single house (one house on one lot) will need to comply with not only to the Residential Design Codes but also to the relevant local planning scheme, regulations and any planning instruments (including local planning policies) prepared under that scheme, which relate to the development of single houses.  It also needs to ensure it addresses other issues relating to any bush fire and/or flood prone land.

The regulations allow for a ‘verifier’ to sign the ‘Single House Verification Certificate – Development Approval Not Required‘ which certifies that the proposed application or plans meet the above government requirements and can be exempt from Planning Approval.  A building licence however, will still be required (which can also be certified).

The verifier will still need to ensure they provide proof that the proposed development complies with all the requirements.  They will also need to ensure they have sufficient indemnity insurance to cover themselves.

PlanCheck has been assessing plans for a number of years and we know what is required to ensure the legislation works for you and your development.  We can verify your plans, identify areas that don’t comply, and if there are variations provide you with the right information to get you building sooner.

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